ANSI NFO DIZ ASC viewer/editor for Mac OS X

  • ANSi Art Viewer

    Admire ANSi art of any kind. Easy, all types supported. Visit SixteenColors for a massive collection of art packs.

  • NFO DIZ ASC Editor

    Our famous app Ascension is tightly integrated, considerably improved with font sizing, multi-color themes, editor capabilities and much more. Looking for the best NFO/DIZ tool on planet earth? You just found it.

  • Retina Engine

    Both ANSi and ASCII art are rendered in high DPI. That was actually a lot of work. But was it worth it? Definitely. So beautiful and crystal clear, you just won't believe your eyes.

  • Retina UI

    You get a gorgeous interface, stunning file type icons and Frank. Frank? Yeah, the guy in blue. Sure, he won't win a model contest, but we can promise he will look awesome in your dock.

  • Image Export

    Export ANSI / ASCII art to highly optimized PNG images. This feature works for all supported file types and there is absolutely no magic involved. You just hit a button and Escapes will do the rest.

  • Twitter

    Be social and share your favorite artworks on Twitter. Compose tweets with ANSI / ASCII image attachments. We are also working on integration right now.

  • File Information

    All relevant information is available at your fingertips. When was that specific file created? Is it untouched or modified? We also implemented a Sauce reader for easy Sauce record investigation. It's all inside.

  • Fonts

    Choose between 10 classic and modern typefaces. From DOS to Amiga fonts, through to contemporary fonts like Terminus, we got them all. Embedded. No specific font file needs to be installed.

  • Encodings

    There are 19 encodings available to save from one to the other, DOS, Amiga, anything. We even added Unicode support. Can Escapes open regular text files? Absolutely. So it is also a simple text editor? You got it.

  • Viewer Mode

    You don't want to (accidently?) harm your art collection? Go ahead and just enable the built-in viewer mode. It will open all files read-only and thus leave your precious collection untouched.

  • Advanced

    Tons of advanced settings like overriding .bin columns, iCE colors and bits. We also added automatic hyperlink detection, auto-sizing document windows and a superb themes section. Choose factory presets or create your own ASCII and text file themes.

  • File types

    Supported file types include: ANSi (.ANS), Binary (.BIN), Artworx (.ADF), iCE Draw (.IDF), Xbin (.XB), PCBoard (.PCB), Tundra (.TND), ASCII (.ASC), Release info (.NFO), Description in zipfile (.DIZ) and all kinds of text files. This is crazy.

Love it. This app auto-binds to the NFO files I got on my system and shows them in nice Retina resolution. Because of it's ease, it already replaced TextEdit and TextWrangler at my system for taking notes.
A great application: fast, responsive, and working exactly as advertised. It supports all ANSi related file formats, with the ability to export artworks to PNG and even automatically post them to Twitter.